DIY vs. Professional Painting: Experience & Skill of Pros Leads to Beautiful & Durable Paint Jobs

DIY or Pro Painting? Professional Painters Provide High-Quality Paint Jobs that not only Look Beautiful but will Last. Pro’s Experience and Product Knowledge Make the Difference Between a Paint Job that Lasts and Looks Good vs. a DIY Paint Job that Looks Good but Lacks the Durability. Herein this Article You May Find Some Tips to Help You Paint Like a Pro. Or, You May Realize that Hiring a Pro is Better for Your Home and Your Walle in the Long Run.

Professional Painting Contractors’ Product Knowledge and Skill in the Crucial Task of Preparatory Work Results in their Ability to Provide Better Finished House Painting Results and Ultimately Save Homeowners Money Because, unlike DIY Paint Jobs, Pro Jobs Don’t Have to be Redone for Several Years, Even as long as a Decade

Professional Painters Offer Quality, Durable Paint Jobs

Painting is Probably the Most Popular DIY Home Improvement Project, but Professional Painters like CraftPro Contracting Execute Quality, Durable Paint Jobs that most Homeowners Cannot

Professional Painters Make all the Difference

professional painters perform quality interior painting jobsWe once wrote an article on proper surface preparation for interior painting in an effort to help DIY painters. Interior painting is often the first thing homeowners decide to do themselves, and depending on their level of effort and attention to detail they are often happy with the finished result. But the quality of a paint job is deeper than the look of the finished product. You can slap paint on anything and it will look new… for a little while, anyway. But expert professional painters, with their years of experience, have the product knowledge and skills to know how to make a paint job not just aesthetically beautiful, but durable as well. Professionals know what paint and primer products to use in the right situations, we’re skilled at spackling and leveling walls to a smooth finish, and we know how to make a paint job last. A DIY painter might overlook certain details that will inevitably lead to failure of the paint. For example, using latex paint over existing oil paint, painting over grease spots or water stains, and a plethora of other mistakes that professional painters know how to avoid and fix. We also know which products work the best for which substrates: primers, topcoats, stains, acrylic latex paint, enamel, oil-based paint, and so much more. In fact, hiring professional painters can save you money: if your DIY paint job fails you will have to do it all over again, or maybe you’ll end up bringing in professional painters anyway. Homeowners are usually better off hiring a local painting contractor from the start, to beautify their home with a paint job that lasts.

Choosing Paint Colors: Professional Painters can Help

professional painters can offer swatchbooks, interior paint color ideas, and more because of their experienceChoosing the perfect paint color scheme for your home can be very difficult. Even though it’s basically subjective and up to your own tastes, there are guidelines that should be followed and professional painters usually have experience in color selection. We can provide resources like paint color literature from manufacturers that have information on colors and color scheme ideas. Professional painters have performed so many paint jobs and have worked with so many different colors, schemes and floor plans that we are best-equipped to provide you with paint color counsel. The best color advice that we can provide is to have you meet with a paint color expert: an interior designer / decorator experienced in paint color design. A consultation with a skilled decorator can make an enormous difference. We always suggest this to our painting customers. A real professional painter will leave the ultimate decision up to you, but will help you arrive at it.

CraftPro Professional Painters offer High Quality, Durable Paint Jobs with a 5-Year Warranty: Click Here for Examples

Save yourself the hassle and hire professional painters for your next paint job: save your money and do justice by your home.


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