Deck Staining in Chatham NJ: Home Improvement Service by CraftPro

This deck staining project in Chatham, NJ 07928 included power-washing, power-sanding and solid-color deck stain. The homeowners had previously been told that the deck needed yearly treatment, but CraftPro’s high quality deck staining services are performed to look great and the deck is warrantied for 5 years

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Deck Staining Service by CraftPro Contracting in Chatham NJ 07928 using solid color deck stain

This Chatham, NJ 07928 Deck was previously stained with an inferior product and needed re-staining every year. We sanded down the old product after a thorough power-wash. Then we coated the deck with solid-color deck stain. It will last for decades now.

Deck Staining Service in Chatham, NJ 07928 by CraftPro Contracting

Deck Staining & Refinishing by CraftPro Contracting in Chatham NJ 07928Deck staining services involve more than just applying stain. Like any painting, staining or refinishing job it’s the preparatory work that is the most important part of a successful job. That was the case in this Chatham NJ deck staining project. We power-washed and power-sanded this deck thoroughly in order to remove the existing stain product and prepare the deck for our favorite exterior staining product: acrylic waterborne solid color deck stain. Click here to read more about our deck staining services. After the preparatory work, we used Sherwin Williams’ brand “SuperDeck” solid stain. It’s an excellent product and we like using it in our deck staining projects. Solid-color stain looks a lot like paint, but it penetrates the wood. Paint coats the wood. Because the solid color deck stain is penetrative it shows a lot of the wood grain, but it still serves to protect the deck. We provided a written warranty of 5 years for this Chatham deck, ensuring that the stain will never fail, fade, or weather in that 5-year period.

Chatham NJ Deck Staining Services by CraftPro Contracting using Solid Color Stain

Deck Staining Services in Chatham, NJ 07928
CraftPro Contracting

These Chatham, NJ 07928 homeowners were tired of having to re-stain their deck every year. The weathered & faded deck was sanded down, and we applied a solid color deck stain that will last and will protect the deck from the elements. This was a successful Chatham, NJ deck staining project and the homeowners are happy with their newly stained deck.

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