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morris county new jersey home improvement contractor and house painter dedicated to customer service and homeowner satisfaction

We acknowledge and respect the fact that customers are people, and everyone is different. Identifying different expectations & priorities is important when it comes to making sure our customers are satisfied. Not just with the end result but with how we got there.

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Attentive Customer Service

Communicating with you to make sure your expectations are being met is as important as the end result of the project. That’s how we provide a thorough and high quality home improvement service. As CraftPro’s owner it is my responsibility to effectively communicate so that I can learn what’s most important to you. That way I’m able to provide personalized customer service while my team & I execute high quality work on your home. So I include a personalized satisfaction guarantee and a comprehensive multi-year warranty in each hand-drafted home improvement contract.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Extended Warranty in Every CraftPro Home Improvement Contract

I have never left a job without making sure we’ve done everything we can to ensure customer satisfaction. I put an uncommon amount of effort into our customer service, and I make sure my team does, too. We raise the bar. I am at every job, every day, executing the most important work myself and making sure I am available to my customers. I work hands-on to achieve quality results, and I work hard to establish open communication with my customers. I encourage customers to be open with me about their expectations, to be critical if there is room for improvement, and to never hesitate to let me know how the home improvement project is going from the customer’s perspective. Every homeowner is unique. Every home improvement project is different. We recognize that every customer has different needs and expectations, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to satisfying customers. I take the time to discuss every detail of a project with our customers before we begin a home improvement project. That way I can achieve a solid understanding of that customers’ needs. And then I make sure we meet those needs. Just read what our customers have to say about our attention to quality and service, respect for customers’ homes and their satisfaction with our work.

Homeowner Satisfaction is Guaranteed because of our Customer Service ExcellenceHow We Work:

  • I, (owner-operator), meet homeowners for every free estimate. I draft every contract from scratch. I’m at the job site every day to execute the home improvement work and I employ reliable, respectful and skilled craftsmen. I personally perform the most critical work myself. On smaller jobs I do ALL the work myself. In short, I make sure that CraftPro’s home improvements are executed to the highest standards of quality, and I am always available to our customers.
  • You will receive a list of ALL of our customer reviews & testimonials and contact information for those customers to be used as references. You don’t have to just take our word for it when we make claims about our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • You will receive a hand-drafted, detailed estimate for your custom home improvement. It will dictate exactly how the work is to be performed, exactly what to expect and exactly how your money will be spent. The estimate is the contract AND the price. We don’t ever go over-budget on a home improvement, unless it is due to a change order in the scope of work. And I describe that in great detail in our contracts.
  • All of our custom, hand-drafted contracts include a satisfaction guarantee and a comprehensive, extended warranty. The warranty guarantees that our work will hold up to normal wear and tear for at least five years or it will be fixed at no cost to the customer. If something goes wrong (nothing ever has) with your home improvement or if your satisfaction is in any way compromised we will come back and fix the problem. We won’t leave until you’re satisfied, and this is included in each contract.
  • When it comes to customer satisfaction, my daily progress reports seem to be very much appreciated by our customers. I provide progress reports regularly throughout the execution of the home improvement. I do this in an effort to establish and maintain a level of communication that is uncommon in the home improvement industry. At the end of every day I send a report on the progress made that day, and I outline a plan for tomorrow. I encourage my customers to let me know if they would like to adjust the plan, if they have any concerns or questions, etc.
  • You won’t EVER be dealing with a hierarchy of project managers or an “estimator” that is overseeing work on your home along with several others. Our customers receive our complete and undivided attention. You’ll be dealing directly with me.

Exceeding Industry Standards

At CraftPro Contracting We Reject the Home Improvement Industry’s ‘Bare-Minimum’ Standards for Customer Service & Quality Craftsmanship. We Raise the Bar.

We raise the bar on home improvement and customer satisfaction, and we provide higher quality work than ‘get-in-get-out’ contracting franchises and empires. They only focus on the bottom line. We focus on homeowners’ satisfaction and on providing quality work. We pay more attention to detail and we provide more attentive and personal customer service. Most contracts from most contractors are warrantied for one or maybe two years, and if a contractor warranties a job for 3 years they call it “the longest lasting job in the business”. Our extended warranty gives you the peace of mind so that you can relax, knowing that your investment is intact. The best part: we warranty our work for 5 years just to be safe. Most home improvements – if performed correctly and with even medium-grade quality materials (our standard is to use the highest quality materials unless the customer requests otherwise) – will last a minimum of a decade. So a one-year warranty should raise a red flag. Simply put, we are committed to – and confident about – our work in a way that few home improvement contracting service providers are.

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By Richard D’Angelo | Updated: January 17, 2017