Do You Have the Crafts and Skills to Maintain your Home?

Your home is your castle, and you need an army of knowledge and skills to protect it from damage and maintain it when things go wrong. As a homeowner, the following will help you acquire the handiness you need to properly care for your investment

Houses and homes need to be maintained properlySome people have landlords to turn to when something in the home goes wrong. A burst pipe? Broken lightbulb? They call upon the superintendent, building manager, the maintenance guy… Mom and Dad. But not you – you’re a homeowner. Sometimes there’s no one turn to but yourself. So go stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes: do you have what it takes? Let’s help you build your homeowner self-confidence.

Firstly, you should already be somewhat proud: according to many sources, less than two-thirds of Americans own their residences. Home ownership numbers are the lowest they’ve been in decades, thanks in large part to the housing bubble of 2008 and the ongoing economic recession. Whatever it was that lead you to attain the coveted title “homeowner” – be it savings and fiscal responsibility, a great deal on a foreclosure, a family inheritance, whatever – you OWN that home. But, like it or not, your home owns you, too.

Things go wrong: the roof has a leak, the siding is damaged, plumbing problems galore, electrical circuits short, drywall gets damaged, molding and trim gets scuffed, dented, broken. The list goes on and on… and on. Your house is a complicated thing – a system of structures and pieces that all work together and come together to create a sum that is greater than the total of all its parts: a home. Your home. Are you doing a superhero pose yet? Well, stop. Not only does it look silly but it may be undeserved. Your home is your castle. Do you have the army of knowledge and skills it takes to defend it? Your answer might be “No, but I have enough money to call a local handyman home improvement contractor (like Richard D’Angelo at CraftPro Contracting) to fix my castle for me”. I prefer that answer, quite frankly, being that I am a contractor. If it was only my own pockets I had concern for this where the article would end, but this is, after all, a Homeowner Advice post.

If you are going to do that superhero-homeowner pose again you ought to make sure you learn how to properly care for and maintain your home. There are plenty of articles on this blog to help educate you on do-it-yourself home maintenance and improvements, authored not only by me but by home improvement, remodel and renovation professionals from around the world. We have also provided a list of links to do it yourself (DIY) articles from around the internet.

Here is one more DIY link that will help you: 47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership. The article provides an excellent start for you to acquire some do-it-yourself knowledge and build the skillset you need to defend your home – your castle.

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