How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Exterior Painting in NJ? What Factors into the Cost?

How Much to Expect to Pay to Paint the Exterior of Your NJ HomeDo you want to know how much you should expect to pay for an exterior paint job in New Jersey? This article discusses the many factors that determine the cost of having your home professionally painted, and it includes advice for getting the most out of your painting budget. A quality paint job is usually worth the price, as long as you know exactly what you’re paying for and why you’re paying for it.

What Factors Determine the Cost of your NJ Home's Exterior Paint Job

How Much will it Cost to Paint my NJ Home? What Factors Determine the Price of the Exterior Paint Job?

What to Expect & Consider When You’re Pricing your Exterior Paint Job

Allow me to start by saying that you can discard any exterior painting prices you got from an online calculator that asks you to input square footage and a zip code. These prices are wildly misleading. The price of painting your New Jersey home depends on a long list of factors (summarized below). These factors include the age of the home, the condition of the existing paint job, the existence of lead-based paint, the condition of the siding, the location of your home, and much more. This is exactly why it’s not possible to get even an educated guess without having your home looked at by a professional NJ house painting contractorlike CraftPro: click here for more.

New Jersey & Morris County Homes & Homeownership
Most NJ Homes are Several Decades Old, and this Presents Challenges when it comes to Exterior Painting

Shutter Refinishing & Exterior Painting in Morristown NJ 07960 by CraftPro Contracting.Morris County & NJ Housing Statistics: A Brief Look

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are about half a million people living in Morris County, New Jersey and about 75% of the population are homeowners who occupy roughly 190,000 homes. Each home sits on an average of an acre and a half of land. In all of New Jersey there roughly 3.5 million homes, and about 65% of New Jersey’s 9 million residents own these homes. You can learn more about New Jersey and Morris County housing statistics at the Morris County, NJ Planning & Public Works website.

Painting Morris County & New Jersey: Old Homes Require More Work

New Jersey and Morris County MapSo since the start of the colonization of America, three and a half million homes have been constructed in New Jersey. How much does it cost to paint one? If only it were as simple as calculating the square footage of the home’s exterior surface and assigning a price per square foot – but it isn’t that simple. This rudimentary type of painting cost estimation works just fine for interior painting of brand new construction.

However, of those 3.5 million homes in NJ, no two are alike. New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies! Most of the Garden State’s homes are decades old. A very small percentage are newly-built and therefore it is impossible to make an educated guess when it comes to the price of the exterior painting project.

The toll that the weather has taken on your home will affect the price of having the exterior painted.

These old homes suffer the harsh elements of four seasons: they get blasted by blizzards, scorched in the sun, ravaged by the rain and clobbered by the cold. Being exposed to these elements can do a lot of damage to exterior paint and the siding beneath it.

How Much it will Cost to Paint Your Home Depends on the Condition of Your Home’s Exterior
Below we’ll summarize exterior painting practices and how they can affect price

  Before we dive in, it’s important to remember that exterior paint is the skin that protects your home’s siding. A paint job is more than aesthetic – it’s preventative maintenance. A thorough, quality job by a painting contractor dedicated to quality is a good investment. Takeaway: don’t skimp on the important prep work, the quality of materials, and the scope of work. Get it done right the first time and your home’s exterior will look great and remain protected for years to come.

Exterior House Painting Costs are Affected by Labor-Intensive Preparatory Work as Shown in this Picture: An Exterior Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro in Morristown, NJ Exterior Paint & Prep

Any professional painter will tell you that the key to a successful paint job is all in the preparatory work. I’ve written many articles about interior painting prep work. This is crucially important in exterior paint jobs, because exterior paint is the skin that protects your home. The price of your paint job increases in direct proportion to how much prep-work is needed.

Some exterior painting practices are absolutely necessary and some are mainly for aesthetic purposes. Below is a list of common exterior painting preparation practices and exterior painting techniques, whether or not they are absolutely necessary, and how you can reduce the price of your home’s paint job by cutting back on these practices.

  • Power-Washing with Bleach: Necessary? Yes. Your home’s exterior needs to be cleaned of mold and mildew before a paint job. There’s no way around it. Even priming won’t stop mildew/mold from ruining the topcoat of paint.
    • Power-washing accounts for several hundred dollars of the paint job, only a fraction of the job cost.
  • Exposing, Lifting & Removing Failed Paint: Necessary? Yes. A variety of techniques accomplish this crucial task, and we cover them below. Thorough power-washing is a start – it exposes the failed paint and will even remove a lot of it. Needless to say, you cannot apply new paint over peeling paint. It won’t last longer than a few weeks.
    • Removing the failed paint can represent up to a few thousand dollars of the exterior paint job cost, depending on the condition of your home.
  • Compliance with the EPA’s lead-based paint ‘RRP’ Rule: Necessary? Yes. Homes that are built before 1978 are likely to have lead paint in them, and a painter’s failure to comply with the regulations can result in hefty fines. Compliance with the RRP rule is very elaborate and explaining it all would take too long.
    • If your home has lead-based paint there are a number of practices that your painter will have to follow and these can account for up to a couple thousand dollars of the paint job depending on your location, proximity to your neighbors, etc.
  • Power-sanding the exterior of your home before it is painted increases the price of the exterior paint job but achieves a higher quality resultPower-Sanding: Necessary? Well, no. But power-sanding before exterior painting is highly recommended. It provides for a more beautiful paint job. Power-sanding with a random-orbital, circular or other type of sander removes the failed paint. It also removes the peeling paint and it will smooth out the areas where paint chipped off completely.
    • That being said, this is an area where homeowners can save some money. Power-sanding is labor-intensive work and part of the RRP rule involves containing the dust caused from power-sanding. This costs money and will increase the price of your paint job by up to a few thousand dollars depending, again, on the condition of your home.
  • Hand-Scraping Loose Paint: Necessary? Yes if not Power-Sanding. If you want to save some money by settling for a less-than-smooth exterior you can skip the power-sanding and have your painting contractor scrape away the peeling paint.
    • This could potentially save you up to around $1,000 on your exterior painting job.
  • exterior painting should include window and door caulking to stop air leaks and seal cracksCaulking: Necessary? Yes. Caulking gaps for aesthetics is nice, and caulking around windows and doors can help stop air leaks.
    • Caulking is relatively quick and not very labor-intensive: usually it does not account for a significant amount of the price of your exterior painting project.
  • Using Quality Paint: Necessary? Yes, but there are variables. There’s an old saying that goes like this: “There’s nothing more expensive than cheap paint.” It’s true, because cheap paint will fail quicker than it should, it won’t do its job of protecting your home and you’ll have to have another exterior paint job executed sooner than necessary. You don’t want to use cheap paint. However…
    • You can ask your painter to use a middle-of-the-line product. While this may affect the length of the warranty, it will also lower the cost of your paint job. If your paint job is going to take 10 gallons and the cost-difference between high-end paint and less expensive paint is $20 then you will save $200 on your NJ exterior painting project.

Other Considerations: The Cost of your NJ Exterior Paint Job

If your home is very old it is almost inevitable that there will be siding or trim elements that need to be replaced. Rotted wood has to be replaced or filled with a patching compound in mild cases. You may have a woodpecker in town that has spent every morning not only waking you up but ruining your home’s exterior. Or you may have carpenter bees that have networked through your home’s exterior trim. These are common problems that need to be fixed when painting a home’s exterior, and doing so costs time and money.

So, How Much Will it Cost to Paint your Home’s Exterior?

As you can see, there are many, many variables when it comes to figuring out how much your exterior paint job will cost. My advice: do a thorough inspection of your house. If you’re comfortable on a ladder and a roof, go up and take a look. Be careful when doing this: have a spotter, follow all the safety guidelines from the ladder manufacturer, dress properly, etc. Inspect your home’s exterior: siding, trim, molding, etc. and then call top-rated exterior painters to come do their inspection and provide a quote. That way you can talk to the painter about the price of your paint job and how you can get the most out of your money.

Good luck with your exterior painting project! From , owner of CraftPro Painting & Home Improvements. Use the form below to contact me so we can discuss the price of your exterior paint job.

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