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You have many options when it comes to choosing a contractor. We offer a unique home improvement experience. Is CPC the right choice for your home project?

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Too many contractors take on an approach to customer service (and home improvement in general) that is flawed. They mean well, but they aren’t always the best choice.

The homeowners that choose CraftPro expect a higher level of service, attention and quality. That’s the CraftPro difference. If that’s what you want, choose us.

Choose The CraftPro Difference

Below are some comparisons between our practices and those of some other contractors (especially large franchises with multiple crews and commission-paid estimators/managers). The difference in our service is clear and evident in our customer reviews.

How Many Contractors Operate:*

  1. When you schedule a free estimate you meet an estimator (often commission-paid): a salesman, not a tradesman. You’ll get a vague carbon-copy quote for your job. They have to be quick and move on to the next estimate.
  2. A crew of laborers you don’t know will be working on your home, and you’ll have to deal with a hierarchy of estimators and managers to communicate about the job.
  3. A project manager (usually commission-paid) “oversees” that crew. She/he may stop by once a day, but they have to stop by other customers’ homes, too. You’re one of many.
  4. Industry standard warranties are usually between 1 and 3 years.
  5. Many contractors provide a discount or incentive for a good review. That explains those 150+ perfect reviews they’ll show you. Check references to find out!

How CraftPro’s Service is Better:

  1. When you schedule a free estimate you meet me, Richard, CraftPro’s owner-operator. I provide almost 20 references and a detailed quote: itemized materials & details of the work I’ll be performing with my team.
  2. I perform almost all the work and I do the most important work myself. Since I’m at the job every day, communication is easy and I make sure to keep customers informed.
  3. I’m the project manager, too. I only take on one job at a time, so you have my undivided attention, virtually 24/7. Call, email or text me at any time.
  4. We stand behind our work with a comprehensive 5-YEAR warranty.
  5. Our 5-star, straight-A grades customer reviews are never the product of an incentive, and we can prove it: references are available for ALL our reviews.

*   When you’re shopping around for a contractor and meeting them for estimates, ask questions about how they operate. A quality contractor will have no problem answering your questions.

Choose CraftPro if You Expect More

The bottom line is that most contractors offer industry-standard levels of customer service and quality. For some jobs, that bare-minimum “one-size-fits-all” service is enough. It’s just not how we operate.

If you’re looking for more – if you’re looking for a contractor that exceeds industry standards of quality and service (and provides reasonable prices) then choose CraftPro Contracting.

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By Richard J. D’Angelo | Updated: February 8, 2016