Cabinets Refinished & Painted: Kitchen Renovaton by CraftPro

Cabinets Refinished in this Kitchen from a Heavy Glaze: Sanded Bare, Stain-Blocked, and Painted an Off-White in this Morristown Kitchen Renovation

Scope of Work: Repair, Patching, New Hardware, Painting & Cabinets Refinished a Morristown NJ Kitchen Renovation

These cabinets refinished by CraftPro in this Morristown, NJ kitchen had a glazed finish protected by several coats of a thick polyurethane clear-coat finish of many coats. The doors, drawers, boxes and frames were sanded down thoroughly as the first step towards having these cabinets refinished and painted. After thorough sanding and detailing, we patched damage done to the woodwork by the customer’s big dog: it had chewed many of the corners. We used a two-part epoxy wood filler by MinWa. We sanded the woodfiller down and were able to restore the corners after several coats. Every bit of the cabinets refinished were then coated with 3 to 5 coats of shellac-based, Zinsser brand “BIN” primer: a primer that is so pentrative and supreme at sealing stained wood that it is said to not even need sanding. We sanded before, between and after coats nonetheless. We caulked gaps, filled damage, and installed new hinges. But before the hinges we applied 4 coats of Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE waterborne-alkyd paint.
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Photos: Glazed Cabinets Refinished and Painted

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