Drywall Repair, Molding, Trim & Painting in Brookside, NJ 07926: Before and After

Before and After Photos of Drywall, Trim & Molding Installation and Painting: Water-Damaged Basement Repair Work in the Brookside, NJ 07926 area of Mendham Township

Drywall and sheetrock repair, priming, painting in the basement Mendham NJ neighborhood Brookside, 07926This Brookside, NJ home’s basement had suffered from major water and flood damage. After the plumbers fixed the leaking pipes there were not only several cut-out holes in the drywall that needed to be patched but much of the drywall and trim suffered catastrophic water damage and needed to be replaced. The entire basement then needed to be painted after all the drywall, carpentry, and trim repairs and installations. CraftPro was executed the entire restoration of this basement: from the demolition to the drywall repair, installation, carpentry like trim and molding and doors, plus priming and painting. This Brookside basement is not only restored but completely renovated now. We demolished damaged sheetrock and woodwork, we re-installed new drywall throughout the basement, installed new molding, and renovated the entire five-room basement. Below are testimonials from both the realtor and the homeowner, respectively. After that are several before and after photos of this Brookside, NJ drywall and painting basement restoration and renovation.

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Restoring, Repairing, Renovating this Brookside NJ Basement: Carpentry, Drywall, Painting

Throughout this Mendham, NJ basement the ceiling and wall damage was fixed by demolishing the water-damaged, mildew-ridden sheetrock and installing new drywall. Where there was just superficial surface mold, the existing mold and mildew was killed and cleaned with bleach and then primed with an oil-based primer. Base-molding and other decorative trim like door- and window-casings were installed, caulked, primed and painted. The woodwork was painted with a brilliant white in a semi-gloss finish. The walls were painted in a neutral classic off-white paint color called “Navajo White” by Benjamin Moore (swatch pictured). This paint color is a favorite for realtors who are preparing homes for sale.

Testimonials for this Basement Restoration: Homeowner & Realtor

We received very flattering reviews from this home’s owner and the realtor with whom we worked to restore this Morris County basement from it’s water damage. You can view all the before and after photos of this large basement restoration/renovation project. Below are testimonials from both the homeowner and the realtor we worked with on this project. Read all our customer reviews by clicking here.

CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"I was very grateful to find Richard to work on my late sister’s house in Mendham which was damaged by burst water pipes. After the plumbers finished their work, the house was in terrible condition. Sheetrock had been pulled down, water damage was rampant, and the house’s basement looked like a war zone. CraftPro provided one of several proposals received: the most reasonable quote of all. I was thrilled with the work done by CraftPro. The Sheetrock repairs, carpentry, and paint job were beautifully done, and the basement looked like that of a brand new home! Several other improvement jobs were then requested – carpentry and handyman projects. All the work was done professionally, in a timely manner, and with attention to detail. It was a relief to have someone trustworthy working at a house that was still furnished but with no one there. I would not hesitate to recommend CraftPro: Richard and his team’s work ethic and professionalism, along with his reasonable pricing, make CraftPro a great choice for home improvements and repairs."
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"As a full time Real Estate sales person reliable contractors are a very important part of my business. I have and will continue to use and recommend CraftPro Contracting as my go-to source for painting, general carpentry and handyman work. Richard D’Angelo and his crew do fantastic work at a very competitive price. But just as important as a fair price is that they are reliable- When they tell you how a job will be completed a customer can count on them to keep their word. They are dedicated to pleasing their clients and making sure they are 100% satisfied with the job. We are all busy today and to have a reliable, trustworthy contractor just a phone call away can make your next home project that much easier."

Before & After: Drywall Repair & Painting in Brookside, NJ Basement Restoration and Renovation

The below before and after photos of this home improvement and repair project tell thestory of this Brookside, NJ 07926 basement repair and renovation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it has me beat. I don’t have a thousand words and even if I did, you wouldn’t want to read them. Notice that the pipes were primed and painted after the insulation and drywall installation. These pictures capture the essence of the drastic changes that were made – the reasons behind the thoughtful and flattering reviews from the realtor and the homeowner.

ceiling drywall and painting in Brookside, NJ 07926

As you can see, the ceiling is damaged and, in some areas, demolished completely. We cut and removed the drywall to the studs to allow for a good-sized square piece of new drywall to be installed in a way that fits well and makes it able to be “floated” into the existing, sound drywall. After we applied drywall tape on the joints and several layers of joint compound the patch was completed and primed and painted, as you can see on the right.

Drywall repair, epoxy flooring, painting in Brookside, NJ 07926

This is the laundry room in the basement of the residence. The one wall never had drywall installed over the framing, so CraftPro performed the installation along with molding and trim plus door casing (not pictured). Then everything was painted, including the ceiling joists which were left open in order to allow access to the pipes and wires. We installed and painted base-molding throughout the room also. We don’t try to take on jobs in trades we do not specialize in, but in this laundry room there was no flooring: just some glue from tiling that had apparently been removed. We used a powered chisel to remove the blue glue and filled the cracks in the cement floor with a patching compound. We then applied two coats of an epoxy flooring product along with decorative flakes.

Drywall repair, mold removal, painting in Brookside, NJ 07926

Drywall repair, priming, painting in mendham 07926

Drywall repair, priming and painting renovation in a Mendham (Brookside) NJ basement restoration project

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