Basement Finishing Renovation: False-wall Framing, Drywall, Trim & Painting in Morristown, NJ 07960

This basement finishing involved framing new walls, drywall installation, custom window sills, painting – all in a complete basement renovation: a new finished entertainment room with a kitchenette and a finished laundry room.

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Morristown, NJ 07960 Basement Finishing Renovation
Framing, Drywall, Molding & Trim, Painting

Morristown NJ basement finishing renovation with framing, carpentry, drywall, molding and painting

Basement Finishing Renovation in Morristown NJ 07960

The finishing of this space involved a basement in this Morristown home that was partially finished with drywall but half of the walls were unfinished: standard dry-locked masonry walls. This Morristown basement finishing included an entertainment room with a pool table and a laundry room, both of which had masonry walls in some parts and finished drywall walls in others, and the homeowners wanted a completely finished basement, which is exactly what CraftPro executed by erecting false wall framing over masonry walls, installing drywall on the framing, installing trim and finally priming and painting the entire basement.

Morristown Basement Finishing: Entertainment, Bar, Kitchenette

Using standard douglas fir 2’x4’s the masonry walls were framed out with false-walls that we constructed after the masonry walls were waterproofed and sealed to keep out the moisture. No insulation was installed, per the homeowners’ request. Once the framing was secure, we continued with this basement finishing by installing and finishing drywall and boxing in windows. Custom pine sills were built, trim was installed, and everything was painted with Benjamin Moore’s premium line of 100% acrylic “Aura” paint. After the basement walls were finished, extensive cabinetry was installed for storage, and a third party installed counter tops on the cabinets. Now this basement finishing was complete with a kitchenette, a refrigerator, a bar, pool table, TV and more.

Basement Finishing: Laundry Room gets a Makeover

The laundry room was enclosed halfway with finished drywall and the other half had standard masonry walls, just like the main basement finishing project in the entertainment room. The laundry room is closed off from but right next to the now finished basement. CraftPro brought in a plumber to make the washer/dryer hookups more accessible once the false-walls were erected, and the plumber also rearranged the shutoff valves for the same reason. After the plumber, Anthony Flachs, was finished with his work in the laundry room CraftPro’s work began. Similar to the entertainment room, false-walls were erected using standard douglas fir 2’x4’s, the window was boxed in and a custom pine sill was built and installed. The ducts needed soffits, so they were framed out and drywall was installed. After the drywall went up and was floated and finished and the room was trimmed out, it was painted with the same Aura paint – Benjamin Moore’s best product, this time in a vibrant purple, which the homeowners love. Shelves were put up after the washer and dryer were put back, and the laundry room makeover portion of this basement finishing is now complete.

Photos of the Laundry Room Finishing Project

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