Awards and Recognition for our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Quality Painting & Home Improvement Services

CraftPro has been Awarded Several Times for Excellence in Customer Service and Superior Quality Home Improvements

Richard D’Angelo and CraftPro Contracting is a 5star-Rated Home Improvement Service Provider. From Dozens and Dozens of 5-Stars reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, Houzz, etc. and contractor directories, direct testimonials from our customers (available as references) and Straight-A grades on Angie’s List. These are our most prized awards (click here to read the pages and pages of reviews). We’ve also been awarded by independant agencies in recognition of our industry-leading commitment to customer satisfaction. See below for details…


The bittersweet truth… We have never been awarded by contractor directories like Angie’s List or Houzz, despite our perfect reviews on those sites, for one simple reason: THEY ONLY GIVE THOSE AWARDS TO PAYING ADVERTISERS. When I learned how that worked I decided that such reviews are essentially worthless. Everyone has to turn a profit, but to bestow awards only on those contractors who are paying them is dangerously close to fraud, in my opinion.

The awards below were bestowed upon us based on independent research – we have absolutely no affiliation with any of the organizations issuing the awards. They researched our reputation after we were nominated by one or more of our customers (I don’t know which one – if it was you, let me know!). After being given the award the organization gives you the option of paying for decails, trophies and other marketing material for the award. I have never paid them for these things, yet they have bestowed the award on us for three consecutive years, because whether or not they profit from it, they are committed to awarding the most worthy contractor. In that way, these awards are more credible than any awards and accolades given by directories to their paying advertisers. We are flattered and proud to have been chosen three years in a row.

Excellence in Customer Service and Superior Home Improvement Construction Awarded to CraftPro by the Press based on their Own Independent Research

We are Proud to Announce that for Three Consecutive Years CraftPro has been the Recipient of the “STAR Award” for Excellence in Customer Service and Superior Home Improvement Construction. This Prestigious Award has been Bestowed Upon Us by the Press Based on their Own Independent Research! Big Thanks to Our Loyal, Grateful Customers! It has been our pleasure to serve our community with such distinction.

Because we are a family-owned and -operated independent contracting company we don’t pay franchise fees or commission-paid estimators. This allows us to offer the customer service and quality craftsmanship your home deserves at reasonable prices that work with your budget.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded consecutive ‘Star Award’s in 2015, 2016 and 2017 from Pulse of the City News for “excellence in customer service” and “superior construction” based on their own independent research.

A completely objective third-party, we’ve never been affiliated with PotC News in any way whatsoever, and this award is bestowed upon contractors based on the press’s own independent research. Unlike other service awards, we are not paying advertisers with Pulse of the City News in any way. Click the image of the award for a full-screen view.

We’re also proud to announce that we’ve been named the 2015 Top Vendor by LandLord Station (see bottom of page) also based on their own independent research. We don’t advertise with either agency – they simply awarded us for our obvious dedication to customer satisfaction, probably based on our perfect customer reviews from review sites across the web and directly from customers, all of which are verifiable.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

We insist on always doing our very best home improvement, painting and home repair work. We focus intently on paying attention to our customers and ensuring that they feel free to communicate with us about everything. That way we can meet every expectation and provide the highest quality home improvement service as possible. To that end, we provide daily updates, encourage feedback, and our owner is on-site working on our customers homes every day, regardless of hired laborers. This dedication seperates us from most other contractors.

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