The simplistic and elegant feel of authentic Italian-inspired home design is complimented and optimized here by implementing concepts of modern design, as shown in the photos below. The joining and resulting juxtaposition of these two home design styles emphasizes the utility of the kitchen as a working space without any sacrifice to aesthetic appeal layout is decorated with the characeristics of old-world Italian rusticity by using features like the chopping block, the almost raw and natural look of the wooden cabinets and their simple engraved handholds. Therefore, this design style stays away from excessive use of metal hardware and chooses vintage characteristics and softer, artisan applications instead. The dark, almost black, bushammered backsplash above the counters are coupled with a tastefully dark and beautiful countertop. This provides an impression of depth, authenticity, and elegance that all pair nicely with the rustic decor adorning the modern-style floorplan and layout design features of the kitchen. The utensils are arranged in style-specific Italian Rusticity: laid out visibly in their cleverly-designed modular storage racks.

The elegant and spacious Modern design layout of this kitchen is gilded with a coat of the stylish decor elements associated with Rustic Italian style. By combining rustic/vintage design aesthetics with the appeal of clean lines and spacial optimization associated with standard modern design, a remdoeling feat of surpassing class, taste and clever design has been acheived. The architectural, decorative and ingenious use of space, and the authentically rich and tasteful splashes of old-world Italian Rusticity that adorn it, make for a stunning kitchen design accomplishment. This kitchen is designed to pay homage to the “Old Country” – Italian home design styles of rich historical signifigance and appeal along with the immediately identifiable utility and spacious nature so common in Modern kitchen design. The utility of the hybrid Modern Rustic Italian layout kitchen design is punctuated by the way this design manages to capture and enhance the beauty that is so often lost in modern kitchens. In order to do that, the kitchen’s design pairs perfectly with the almost commercial-like practicality and utilitarianism often seen in the kitchens of homes with standard modern design features.

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