Summer Home Maintenance Advice: Ten Tips

“The Ten Tips Below are Good Items to Add to Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist. While Not a Complete Summer Maintenance Guide, the Tips Touch on Several Areas You Should Pay Attention to When Maintaining and Caring for Your Home this Summer. From Exterior Structural Care and Lawn & Garden Maintenance to Air Conditioning and Energy Efficiency – These 10 Tips Will Help You This Summer”.

How’s Your Home’s Exterior Paint/Stain Job? Is it Starting to Peel and Crack? Summer is House Painting Season…

Your Home – Especially Wood Siding – is Protected and Shielded from Summer Heat, Rain, etc. by its Paint or Stain Job. Make Sure it’s in Good Shape or Your Home could Suffer Structural Damage. A Good, Quality Paint Job is as Aesthetic as it is a Form of Preventative Maintenance

Exterior paint is the skin that protects your home. Walk around your house this summer and check for signs of chipped or pealing paint. It’s probably a good idea to call a professional painter for a thorough inspection. While the painter is there you can get an estimate for the cost of getting your home painted. A quality job will include caulking of window and door perimeters, and that will help prevent and fix air leaks. As a result, you’ll save money.

Door & Window Air Leak Checks

  • You can literally feel them sometimes: the warm air coming through the edge of a window or a door. Proper caulking and weatherstripping can do the trick.

Inspect & Analyze Your Deck: Both Structurally and Aesthetically

  • Look over your deck for signs of rotting. Some wood rot requires complete replacement while some can be temporarily fixed with an appropriate wood-filler. We reccommend a two-part epoxy, but you should call a professional deck refinishing and restoration service provider to really give your deck a thorough inspection this summer.

  Have Your Gutters Cleaned

  • Gutter cleaning should be performed at least twice a year. Once before the first snowfall to prevent ice dams and once in the late spring or early summer after seeds, leaves, blossoms, etc. have all blown off. Properly-running gutters can help avoid costly damage.

Maintain Your Various Air Conditioning and Cooling Appliances

  • Arguably the most important thing you can do this summer. You need to mak sure you don’t waste money on air conditioning. Install window units if you have them. Clean fan blades, and air filters especially. If you have central air, consider hiring a professional: an aur conditioning tune-up can ensure proper refrigerant levels for cost-effective cooling. It can also ensure that your fan is running properly and your unit’s coils are clean, which can avoid potential fire hazaards.

  Have Your Home Professionally Power-Washed this Summer

  • You should have your home power-washed once a year at least. Like many home maintenance tasks, it is – or seems –like a DIY project, but a professional has more experience, knows how to avoide damaging your home (a likely accident caused by unexperienced power-washers), has the equipment and know-how to access your entire home’s exterior and has the product knowledge to know which of the many exterior home cleaning solutions is best for your home. Summer is a good time to do it. Soaking the home in a bleach-water solution or in a specialty exterior house cleaning product first is essential to getting the most out of your home maintenance efforts. Bleach will kill mold and mildew but won’t really cause any damage to brushes, shrubs, flowers or plants. Power washing is an excellent preventative maintenance task.

Tip: “A professional can get up on your roof and use the power-washer to blast out your gutters, killing two birds with one stone.”

Clean Your Grill After Every Use this Summer

  • For gas grills blast the heat, close the lid and let the grill cook for about half an hour. Then brush the grate with a wire-bristled grill brush. Once the grill is cool, wipe down the exterior with a damp sponge and a gentle cleanser. Clean the grill’s drip pans while you’re at it. If you have a charcoal grill then completely empty it and clean out all the ash and old briquets. Then clean it out with some dishwasher and voila – it’s like new. Make sure to let it dry completely before using it again.

  Inspect your Painted Porch or Patio

  • ;Start by cleaning the floor thoroughly: sweep and mop it with an appropriate cleaning solution. Then check for paint/stain failure. If the coating is chipping, peeling, fading or otherwise failing you should call a professional painter.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

  • Make sure to keep a fresh layer of mulch at all times this summer. Mulch kills weeds, and helps retain the soil’s moisture in the summer heat. This will give your plants and flowers a chance to grow.

 Plan the Watering and Sprinkler Schedule for Your Lawn & Garden

  • By watering your lawn and garden deeply a couple times a week instead of watering it lightly every day, you can actually train your lawn to survive hot, dry temperatures, according to some sources. This style of watering apparently leads to the growth of deep, strong roots.
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Home Design Styles: Interior & Exterior Style Features, Hybrid Designs and Historical Restoration Remodels

The simplistic and elegant feel of authentic Italian-inspired home design is complimented and optimized here by implementing concepts of modern design, as shown in the photos below. The joining and resulting juxtaposition of these two home design styles emphasizes the utility of the kitchen as a working space without any sacrifice to aesthetic appeal layout is decorated with the characeristics of old-world Italian rusticity by using features like the chopping block, the almost raw and natural look of the wooden cabinets and their simple engraved handholds. Therefore, this design style stays away from excessive use of metal hardware and chooses vintage characteristics and softer, artisan applications instead. The dark, almost black, bushammered backsplash above the counters are coupled with a tastefully dark and beautiful countertop. This provides an impression of depth, authenticity, and elegance that all pair nicely with the rustic decor adorning the modern-style floorplan and layout design features of the kitchen. The utensils are arranged in style-specific Italian Rusticity: laid out visibly in their cleverly-designed modular storage racks.

The elegant and spacious Modern design layout of this kitchen is gilded with a coat of the stylish decor elements associated with Rustic Italian style. By combining rustic/vintage design aesthetics with the appeal of clean lines and spacial optimization associated with standard modern design, a remdoeling feat of surpassing class, taste and clever design has been acheived. The architectural, decorative and ingenious use of space, and the authentically rich and tasteful splashes of old-world Italian Rusticity that adorn it, make for a stunning kitchen design accomplishment. This kitchen is designed to pay homage to the “Old Country” – Italian home design styles of rich historical signifigance and appeal along with the immediately identifiable utility and spacious nature so common in Modern kitchen design. The utility of the hybrid Modern Rustic Italian layout kitchen design is punctuated by the way this design manages to capture and enhance the beauty that is so often lost in modern kitchens. In order to do that, the kitchen’s design pairs perfectly with the almost commercial-like practicality and utilitarianism often seen in the kitchens of homes with standard modern design features.…

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Premium Quality Works By Craft Pro Contracting

The painting, repair & home improvement services we offer in Morris County, NJ include drywall installation & repair, carpentry work, cabinet refinishing and on-call handyman repairs. This covers a wide range of projects: from interior and exterior painting, to small home maintenance tasks, to large renovations like basement finishing and remodeling. Our founding owner is at every job, every day, working with the team and doing the most critical work himself.

Founded and run by our owner, Richard J. D’Angelo, we are a Morristown, NJ based professional house painting and home improvement contractor. Our services include painting, refinishing, staining, wall treatments like drywall installation and repair, basement finishing, handyman repairs and more.


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