The Benefits of Power Washing, from CraftPro in Morristown, NJ 07960

Power-washing, or pressure-washing, is not just for looks, but is a preventative maintenance practice that can increase the lifespan of your home when performed regularly and thoroughly, and by killing mold and mildew it provides a safer environment for your family

power washing brick stairwell as preventative maintenance can increase your homes' lifespanWhen most people think of pressure- and power-washing they think of it in terms of aesthetics: make the walkway look nice (like we at CraftPro did in the picture below), get the dirt off the bricked patio to make the grout visible and restore the bricks to their original bright red. But truth be told, power-washing serves a much greater purpose: it helps maintain your home so that costly repairs can be avoided down the road.

power washing in Morristown, NJ 07960 performed by CraftPro

Curb appeal certainly adds value to your home. Regularly scheduled pressure-washing can keep your home looking brand new – even if it’s done just once or twice a year. Scheduling your power-washing can vary based on where you live. For example, Morristown, Morris County and all of New Jersey is famous for having “four seasons”. I remember moving here as a child the “four seasons” idea was a huge selling point. We love our four seasons, but they can give a home quite a beating: intense heat in the summer, heavy snows in the winter and everything in between. Building materials expand and contract and expand again. Surfaces get excessive wear and tear; keeping up with regularly scheduled pressure-washing can help keep your home looking beautiful. But even more than just curb appeal: keeping dirt, mold and mildew off decks, patios, walkways, siding, roofs, gutters, etc. will help you avoid costly repairs simply by using power-washing as a preventative maintenance practice.

power washing vinyl siding in Morristown, NJ 07960 can restore its brand new lookSo, keep your home beautiful and avoid costly repairs by scheduling regular power-washing. A pressure-washed walkway, deck and patio can prevent slips, increase lifespan, and reduce germs and bacteria thereby providing a healthy environment for your family. Power-washing your home’s vinyl siding can, in most cases, restore it to a brand new look. Likewise, a thorough and high-pressure power-wash to your home’s painted siding is an integral preparatory step in an exterior paint job: it kills mold and mildew and it exposes failed paint. A power-wash en route to a thorough paint job is essential to protecting your home from the elements. As you can see, power-washing serves a variety of purposes, both aesthetic and for preventative maintenance.

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